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What you thought Speech Therapy is all about?

“Not knowing is not a mistake, but not willing to know is”

Speech Therapy is –

  • for people who can not hear (deaf as it is called)

  • for people who can not speak (generally known as dumb – the extreme)

  • for an hour every day or thrice a week

  • a table chair and confined to a room

  • making the person say aaa iii uuu

  • showing pictures of common items

  • will work if nothing else works

  • is possible at any time from the onset of the problem

  • correction of tongue, and voice box

Speech Therapist is –

  • for teaching sign language

  • for eternal care of individuals with Speech-Language Disorders

  • for treating stammering

  • for teaching muscle exercises to individuals with communication problems speak normally

Speech Therapist will –

  • make all the individual speak normally

  • use medicines and surgical approaches such that the individual will learn language

Well, either it is…. Less information or Wrong assumptions…. that is around.

There is more to it and the term Speech Therapy and Speech Therapist will be addressed as Speech-Language Therapy and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) respectively. There is a reason to it and it is convincing, if anyone wants to hear.

Prasanna Hegde

Speech and Swallow Specialist

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