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About us

We are a team of enthusiasts interested in collaboration with different areas for a common goal of symbiotic progression. With the goal set as stars, the inertia might take us beyond just the galaxy. We believe the phrase "The show must go on". There are going to challenges along our journey and we are going to enjoy them. 


As a variety in our team, the work that's going to be taken up also will be varied. There is nothing that can not be solved or does not remain 'solved' for long as the problem itself evolves. So from time to time, we might surprise our approach and the kind of work that we do. We would like to keep you interested. 


— Prasanna Hegde

We have begun our journey from Guruvandana 2020. Without your support, the program wouldn't be a success. In the current testing times, we bring in hope with us for a better tomorrow. 


If you think that we might require your expertise and help, feel free to get in touch with us. We always run out of motivation. Just to give some clarity to what we do, the following are the list of things that may interest you too:      

  • Academic and skill training programs 

  • Research and Innovation collaborations

  • Resources and Repositories projects

- Prasanna Hegde

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