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Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation - VitalStim Promotional Blog

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

It has been a while since SLPQuest was planning to get a step ahead of itself and do more. It was a March Saturday when Appas Saha, a young and vibrant SLP from Pune, delivered a lucid presentation on electrical stimulation for dysphagia rehabilitation. From then we have traction to get VitalStim to Namma Bengaluru for upskilling the SLPs around the country.

It is a two day hands on certification program post which the attendees will be identified as Vitalstim Certified Therapist.

Attendees will be trained by Dr. Radika S. R. who is a designated trainer for VitalStim. Mr. Stephen Chung, Asia pacific regional manager or ENOVIS will join with us virtually.


The two day program will be held on 8 & 9 of August 2022.


The program will be held at Holiday Inn IGH hotels, Race Course, Bengaluru.

What is the fee for the course?

The current course fee is $ 675.

Why do the course?

  • Pre workshop purchase discount on VitalStim Plus instrument

  • During workshop purchase discount on VitalStim Plus instrument

  • Reading materials and resources

  • Local support facilitated by our team

  • Trainers availability for support post training

  • Follow up session in the first week of October

  • Common platform for all the NMES users for discussion & support

  • Evidence base generation for the future use of strategies

Want to know more?

Visit You will see resources on the training, products and FAQs related to the same.

-Team SLPQuest

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