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BRE(F)AKING NEWS!! A 2 year old clears UPSC exam in Indian city of Bengaluru

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

In an extraordinary event in Namma Bengaluru, a toddler cleared the UPSC exam in the first attempt. Speaking to SLPQuest News, mother of toddler was in tears of joy expressing her utmost satisfaction and results of her 2 year long dedication.

She said "I am overwhelmed by the response that I received. All this was possible with some my followers on Instagram giving me tips on how to train this young kid to prepare for competitive exam. They all said that there will be questions on the topic like colors, shapes, reciting rhymes from the books, story telling etc. Thanks to all the contributors to this achievement. I urge all the parents to use this formula to even crack entrance to NASA."

It is a proud moment for us and this is going to be celebrated. Soon this hard working mother is going to be conferred with national award and also recognizing the efforts of people who helped this toddler achieve this feat.

Share this joy with your friends and family like just as we did.

- Sweta & Prasanna

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