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Specialty Clinics

Flagship Services 

Child Eating from Bowl

Deglutology & Speech-Language Pathology

Rehabilitation in HN Oncology

A specialty clinic catering to speech and swallow needs of Head, Neck, and related cancers at HCG Hospital, Bengaluru

Video Call

Tele Consultation

A team of Speech-Language Therapists for tele rehabilitation

Don't let the distance and logistics push you back in your or your loved one's progress. Connect with us now to find the best possible approach. 

Second Opinion

Angles of Rehabilitation

A specialty group for vigilance and support in guiding rehabilitation towards outcome based and patient centric care.

Online Consultation

An online vigilance and support group for guiding rehabilitation in neurology, oncology and pediatrics across India. 

Angels of rehabilitation

Second Opinion

Happy Office Talk

Insight Rehabilitation

A team of Speech and Swallow Specialists

Swallow, Speech, Language, Voice and Hearing Clinic in south Bengaluru. Visit for more info. 

Image by Scott Graham

Third eye project

Clinical auditors for Med-SLP

Let us help you with SWOT analysis of your practice to identify hurdles, facilitate better solutions, and support when it matters the most for your practice. 

Did not find what you are looking for? Call us now. 

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