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What can the generic term “Speech Therapy” mean?

The term Speech Therapy, more technically know as Speech Language Therapy, has been used to address range of services and domains in Speech Language Pathology. They are as follows:

  • Speech Therapy

  • Language Therapy

  • Naming therapy

  • Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)

  • Swallowing Therapy

  • Oro-motor Therapy

  • Cognitive Linguistic Therapy

  • Reading and Writing Therapy

  • Coma Stimulation

  • Recovery Monitoring

  • AAC Therapy

  • Counselling

Speech Therapy is a form of therapy that is confined to working with Neurophysiological and psychological basis articulation, resonation, prosody, and phonation (voice); of Speech Production in terms of Intelligibility of speech (clarity of speech). Following sub groups are listed under this:

  • Voice Therapy

  • Articulation Therapy

  • Prosody Training

  • Fluency Therapy (Stammering correction)

Language Therapy is a form of therapy that is confined to working with Neurophysiological and psychological basis of Language comprehension and expression through various modes. The modes may be verbal/oral, Auditory-visual/written, visual/gestural, or multi-model.

Naming Therapy is a variation of Language Therapy to improve the naming skill. This earns a distinct recognition as there are disorders in which only semantics or naming will be affected.

Auditory Verbal Therpay (listening training) is a variation of Speech-Language therapy focusing on auditory stimulation in improving hearing and language skills.

Swallowing Therapy (dysphagia therapy) is a form of therapy that is related to working with Neurophysiological basis of chewing and swallowing skills for adequate nutrition and pleasure.

Oro-motor therapy is a variation of Speech Therapy to strengthen the oro-motor structures to support the speech output.

Cognitive-Linguistic Therapy is a variation of Language Therapy which focuses on Linguistic approach to cognitive functioning in functional and skill based activities. It is not confined to a set of skills but it involves various levels and entities.

Reading and Writing Therapy is a variation of Cognitive-Linguistic Therapy focused on reading and writing skills in academic or professional rehabilitation.

Coma Stimulation is a form of basic therapy variation which focuses on reorientation of the individuals senses (auditory, visual, olfactory, Hand-motoric memory – in conjunction with Occupational Therapist) to the environment.

Recovery Monitoring is a process of early therapy to monitor the individuals functional recovery in Speech, Language, Swallowing, and Cognitive-linguistic functioning which might determine the efficient communication skills.

AAC Therapy (Alternative Augmentative Communication Therapy) is variation from Speech-Language Therapy involving the use of Communication Aids in the efficient rehabilitation of communication through facilitation or efficient communication using compensatory Alternative communication aids.

Counselling – is a process of explaining and motivating the parents to co-operate to the team work which requires patience and positive approach.

However, with increasing demands and specific needs, more and more terminologies and in turn specialties are emerging. We shall update the readers regularly.

Prasanna Hegde

Speech and Swallow Specialist

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