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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk." --Doug Larson

The lines mentioned above are very true but I was the exact opposite of it, I was defensive and quick to answer back. I did a lot more talking than listening. Maybe because I always think that I should be the first one to answer any question. But things changed one day. ‘The MDC Day’

I am going to narrate that incident even though it was not pleasant for me but it made a great impact on perspective. So, let’s begin. I went to one medical conference along with my mentor from a internship center, where I am currently doing my internship. This was the first time that I was attending a live discussion of cases in a hospital setup. It was a big platform and I don’t know why but I was nervous, though it was not my presentation but still. I saw the presenter’s face, she was confident enough to present. And I was able to figure out that she was not at all nervous. Without wasting much time the presentation started and soon after that questions began to come like arrows towards her. And I was surprised to see that she was giving the responses immediately. At first I thought like I should be like her, the way she answered, the confidence with which she was answering. Then one question came and before the completion of the question she was ready with the answer. At that point of time he said a line which is still there in my mind, which was ‘first listen and then respond’. Now, guess what, all the answers she gave with full confidence were not appropriate to the questions but it was restricted to her knowledge. None of them were even close to the question asked. At that moment I felt like even I do the same, I used to be ready with my answers before thinking and analyzing the question but the only thing which was different according to me was if I don’t know the answers I will just say that I don’t know. One more thing that I noticed during the discussion was that there were people who actually appreciated her wrong answers. That day I understood that even the shit does not go waste in this world, some have it in their diet.

After thinking a lot about the MDC day, I made my own points to answer the question:

  • Listen

  • Analyze the question

  • Know what you know and what you don't

  • Think all the possible answers

  • Select the answer which is appropriate for the question.

At last I want to say that answer the question, not your knowledge.

These were my views on it, do you have any????

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Prasanna Hegde
Prasanna Hegde
Jun 22, 2022

Thank you for sharing your experience Anshi!!

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