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Guru Pournima - Introspection


        On the occasion of Guru Pournima, I have received some of the warmest wishes . When I turned to the newspapers, they were filled with positive thoughts and well wishes and articles  from various sections of the society. These wishes and positive thoughts made me introspect rather than feel overwhelmed. 


          As I started to look back, I could fondly remember various pointers, directions, critical guidance and also a few needless diversions. As my  experience piles up and with the grey hair of 60 years ,one ends up remembering a whole lot of negativity faced in the early years. I was  fondly remembering some of the stalwarts in life from the initial learning phase and  only to realize that they had done nothing but to suppress the spirit. So I wondered what must have been their motive to do it? What did they achieve by discouraging me? 

          It has been decades since those events, so I do not have any anger or grudge against any person . But I wonder why did it happen? And I am not the only one who  doesn’t have an answer to this question. Many of the Gurus are held back by the allure of authority, pride and ego.  Can we really ignore this negativity that suppressed many sparks?


          All of us remember not-so-good or sometimes awful teachers from our school and college days. Some of them have suppressed our wonderful individuality and it has forever etched in the corners of our mind. 

Kalyani Mandke

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