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Parent Training Program

Parent training program is focused to assist in early years of parent-hood to be prepared for the adventure that they have signed up for. It may seem very easy to be a parent, but only those who are can say it otherwise. There is a gamut of science behing every decision a professional takes and a mother figures out by experimentation or guided by experience. 

Sweta Uttakalika is the course instructor for these programs which will be held regularly through-out the year. Parents may benifit to release early anxiety on the undertainity that they may be feeling in their parenting. 

Sweta is a Speech-Language Pathologists with 10+ years of experience and a mohter of a todler. The combination is going is a perfect blend of a professional and a mother. Reach out to her at

If you have already registered, please click here to fill the form for our better understanding of your expectations. 

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Past training

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